Beyond Cakes

Why American-styled layered cakes?

American Cakes are bold and flavorful. They are packed with everything “so yummy” for exaggerated results. We were inspired by Uncle Sam’s philosophy of deliciousness and took it to the next level, incorporating gourmet ingredients from around the world and classic techniques.

Our Ingredients

We wanted to create cakes that you would prepare for your kids and your family, just like your mom or grandma used to prepare for you. Our goal is to bring back through taste the sweet memories of childhood and melt them together with what’s the best today. Our recipes reflect that. We use only high-fat butter (not synthetic butter-like spreads), fresh cream, Pemla©️ all-natural nut butter, Philadelphia©️, Valrhona©️ chocolate, and of course our stars: Our all-natural unprocessed Marou©️ Cocoa, Marou©️ Nibs, Marou ©️ 65% bean to bar Vietnam dark chocolate and Niko Neko©️ Yuri Matcha. All the coulis, jams, preserves, and candied fruits are homemade in our lab. 

We love butter and more! 
You know, the real one. That’s why all our cakes are butter cakes. Because of the butter base on both cake and cream, we suggest letting the cake sit outside the fridge for about 1 hour (depending on the room temperature*) before serving it. Our cakes serve 10-12 portions. Take this in mind when cutting it. You wouldn’t want to waste those slices (Standard room temperature is 20 degrees).

Traveling the World in a Slice

When we started Rubi, our goal was to bake cakes that are a celebration of emotional connections with the world; from the Hanoi crowded neighborhoods to the always-buzzing corner restaurants in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, from the strong and distinct matcha taste in the streets of Kyoto to the overwhelming techniques of the French tradition.

Taste Rubi

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