Our Story

Our Story

The creation of Rubi began with Ingrid, Henrik, and a question. How can food become a platform for a bigger conversation?

Ingrid – After 14 years in marketing, decided to change her career path and focus on her passion, food. Her food critic and traveling blog, Bonvivant, encouraged her to travel solo to amazing destinations and come back with loads of ideas and inspirations.

Henrik – A father of two girls and a passionate brand strategist and having recently come from a New York experience, he wanted to build a new kind of business that has a purpose and the social role at the top of the list.


Together, they wanted to build a brand that seriously considers the impact of its decisions not just on its workers, customers, and suppliers but also on the community, and society.

Our Mission

For a long time, food trends have been dictated by the old establishment industry, mainly concerned with lowering prices and replacing natural flavors with artificial ingredients for the sake of efficiency.

When the Internet came along, food became a movement fueled by free conversation, where taste shifted from being the property of the few to the province of the many.

Rubi is naturally born from this revolution, as a new form of self-expression and exploration.

We believe that food can spark connections, engage conversations, and create ideas that address bigger issues. We founded Rubi to achieve that. Our mission is simple: Together we can democratize taste.

Inspired by women.

Run by women.

Rubi is run by determined and ambitious women that love food and will handle each cake with love and care.

We intend to increase the transparency of the products we create. From the fair sourcing of our Marou chocolate coming from Vietnam to the creation of our cakes, down to the responsible treatment of people working with us at every end.

We want to create a community of like-minded people who care about where their cakes come from as much as how they look.

We’re lucky to have found you.

Taste Rubi

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