Three layers of butter cake baked with our special unprocessed Marou©️ cocoa. Filled with chocolate cream with Nutella, Oreo particles and white chocolate. Minimalist decor and the option to choose a white or milk chocolate outer coating. With children's party decor or minimalist adults 🙂

Size S – Diameter 15 cm. Serves 6 – 8 portions
Size M – Diameter 20 cm. Serves 12 – 14 portions
Size L – Diameter 25 cm. Serves 24 – 26 portions

Allergens: Gluten, eggs, nuts, milk by-products
Please allow us 24 hours to prepare this cake for you
The cake should be consumed at room temperature (20 degrees C), so we suggest you keep it out of the refrigerator for 1-2 hours before consumption.

1 Year Rubi

The lesson of this first year? Customers are superstars.

How many times have we turned to you for questions or suggestions, your answers have always helped us to go on the right path and bring products that you have welcomed and loved.

Therefore, this 1st anniversary of our children, we decided to bring a cake according to the flavors that you suggested us the most when we asked you what flavors children like.

We combined two famous flavors, Oreo and Nutella, because let’s be honest, we all die for Nutella 🙂

I like Sunday morning

You already know that at Rubi we do not use coloring or sugar paste in our creations, so we were looking for a charming but also minimalistic idea.

So, we drew on the famous Korean cakes, which are so fashionable, to create Iz, in three sizes and two different coatings: white chocolate and milk chocolate.

Finally, we named her Izzy because this cake is easy to love.






2cm Humans

We decided to collaborate with 2cm Humans for a set of original cards inspired entirely by Ruby, which you can attach to your dedication.

2cm Humans are a group of very creative young people from Kosovo, who have a very identifiable style. This is the first collaboration between Rubi and creative youth with the aim of promoting and encouraging young artists.


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